Sústruh CLX 550

CNC lathe CLX 550

Max. diameter: 460 mm
Max. lenght: 1225 mm

Sústruh CTX 310 eco

CNC lathe Gildemeister CTX

Min. diameter: 8 mm
Max. diameter: 200 mm
Max. lenght: 250 mm

CNC lathe Gildemeister CTX

Min. priemer nad hrotom: 400 mm
Max. priemer nad supportom: 200 mm
Max. vzdialenosť hrotu od vretena: 1500 mm


Sústruh MCV 750

Frézovacie centrum MAS MCV 750


Frézovacie centrum DOOSAN

Pojazdy: X= 720, Y = 480, Z = 300
Max. weight: 600 kg

Frézovacie centrum GMG 635 ECO Line

Pojazdy: X= 580, Y = 435, Z = 300
Max. weight: 560 kg

Surface treatment

Alcaline blackening

Alkalické čiernenie, Rožňava, výrobok pred povrchovou úpravou
Alkalické čiernenie, Rožňava, výrobok po povrchovej úprave

Alkaline blackening of steel materials is a proven and reliable way of steel surface treatment. Alkaline blackening is also known as blacking in hot tub.

Alkaline blackening gives steel products a more attractive appearance, abrasion resistance, anti-corrosion treatment and, in combination with suitable preservatives, a longer service life. The blackening creates a fine rust, which remains firmly attached to the metal and prevents further oxidation. Compared to the application of ferric oxide Fe2O3, which is peeling off from the metal surface, alkaline blackening is a much more efficient and stable metal refining process.

Dimensions of bathtubs: 600 x 1200 x 250 mm

The maximum dimensions of the blackening components: 950 x 1150 x 230 mm

Max. weight of the blackening components: 500 kg


Our company also deals with locksmith production. We utilize MIG, MAG, TIG welding technologies and, upon consultation, we are also able to produce smaller steel structures.